50-minute session
$120 for 50-minute individual session

90-minute session
$220 for 90-minute individual session


50-minute session                            $140 for 50-minute Couple/Family session

90-minute session
$220 for 90-minute Couple/Family session

Clinical Supervision

1 hour
$120 for individual supervision

For many couples and families, 90 minute sessions at least once a week will more sufficiently support the process of pattern disruption for unhelpful communication and behavior patterns. Because Cambium Counseling recognizes the benefits of longer sessions and more frequent sessions per week, we offer a discount on services for these other options. Please contact Cambium Counseling for fee information on sessions longer than 90 minutes.


After the first appointment in a particular week, Cambium Counseling offers clients a 15% reduction in session fees for subsequent appointments scheduled in the same week. In addition, all current and retired military personnel, veterans, and their family members are eligible for an additional 15% reduction in session fees.


Cambium Counseling is able to accept check, cash, major credit and debit cards, and HSA cards for payment.

+ Do you accept insurance?

Cambium Counseling does not accept insurance. The majority of insurance companies do not reimburse for couples counseling as they do not see relationship struggles as a medical concern. However, depending on your insurance policy you still may be eligible for out of network reimbursement. If you do have out of network benefits and would like to use them a monthly super bill can be provided which you would then forward to your insurance company for reimbursement.