Cambium Conversations

A collection of interviews with mental health and wellness practitioners as well as, videos providing tips and techniques to strengthen romantic relationships, address unhelpful family patterns, enhance your career path, and overcome the barriers that might be standing in your way to increased life satisfaction.


Romantic Relationships

Experiential Couples Counseling

Ever wondered what experiential therapy was? This is a video which helps explain the process and gives you tips and techniques to bring more adventure and fun to your romantic relationship!


Importance of cherishing your partner

In this video, Melissa shares about what can happen when the emotion bank account of your relationship taps out. She also provides tips about what you can do to start shifting it back to a positive balance.


Masculine aggression & how to argue well

Cambium Conversations presents Melissa Tilleman Ryan, owner of Cambium Counseling interviewing Marc Azoulay, psychoanalyst, president, entrepreneur, and god damn hype machine on this exclusive, one of kind, members only, VIP interview about masculine aggression- the good, the bad, and the even worse than that.


Using the dog philosophy in your relationships

Cambium's owner Melissa Ryan shares small but impactful tips for how to channel your dog’s behaviors and way of being to improve your romantic relationship.


Connection between nervous system & relationships

The nervous system is the 'communication highway' in which all organs, tissues, cells, and glands are controlled and coordinated. Improving the connection between the brain and the body allows us to move toward our full potential in our HEALTH and in all areas of our LIFE.

In this interview, Dr. Kevin Holman and Melissa discuss how our individual health impacts our relationships and vice versa.


Difference between relationship satisfaction & happiness

This video discusses how happiness and relationship satisfaction is related to a relationship's couple bubble or ecosystem. Information is given about the value of naming and working with our emotions individually and within the context of our romantic relationship.


The power of touch- lessons from a professional cuddler

Professional Cuddler, Chriseda Crow shares about how critical touch is to our overall health, the importance of consent as well as, knowing and communicating your personal boundaries.


Staying connected with your partner during the holidays

During this conversation Melissa shares tips for how to more effectively show up as your adult self around family and friends as well as, suggestions for how to stay more connected with your partner during all of the holiday festivities.


Yes has no meaning if you can’t say NO- a helpful talk about consent in relationship.

Reaca Pearl LPC they/them/theirs specializes in sexual trauma and gender. During this conversation Reaca discusses the process of how to get to an authentic and consensual sexual life. A beneficial talk for individuals, survivors of sexual trauma, and romantic partners.


Addiction in Families

How to talk to kids about addiction

Changing the family legacy- how the Hazelden Betty Ford Children’s Program empowers kids and helps heal families impacted by addiction. Lindsey Chadwick with the Hazelden Betty Ford Children’s Program in Aurora, Colorado provides information about how to talk to kiddos about addiction in the family. Lindsey also discusses the structure of the Children's Program which supports and helps families recover from the disease of addiction.


Support for teens impacted by addiction

Melissa Tilleman Ryan on Cambium Conversations interviews Kimberly Thompson with The Colorado Teen and Family Center to discuss how teens are impacted by drug and alcohol abuse in their families and ways to effectively support their healing.


Sober fun resource

Cambium Conversations presents an interview with Duke Rumely, founder of Sober A.F. Entertainment. Sober A.F. facilitates and oversees fun tailgating opportunities at events like concerts and sporting events for individuals, couples, families, young adults, kids, etc. to connect and build community in a sober and inclusive environment.


Life & Career

Implementing daily & sustainable self care practices

Mindy Laczynski LPC specializes in supporting helping professionals work through compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. In this talk, she shares tips for how to recognize if you might be experiencing a level of burnout, compassion fatigue, or secondary trauma and then she also gives examples of small actions you can take to move back into better overall health.


Traits of the perfect boss

A conversation about the correlation between effective communication at work and effective communication at home. Cambium Conversations presents Melissa Ryan, owner of Cambium Counseling shares a coffee worthy conversation with Erica Bonser, owner of Cut the Fluff Coaching + Consulting to discuss how personal development positively impacts the teams you lead as well as, the loved ones you interact with at home.


The benefits of neurofeedback and mindfulness

The awesome benefits that come with mapping and training your brain. Melissa Tilleman Ryan interviews Carisa Banuelos on Cambium Conversations. Carisa is the Director of Mindfulness and a Neurotech at the Colorado Mind Gym which offers comprehensive wellness and brain health services.


Taking a nap while you’re brain goes to the gym

The cool wellness effects of NeuroOptimal neurofeedback. Cambium Conversations presents Dominique Condevaux with PAX Counseling & Consulting. In this interview, Dominique shares how she uses neurofeedback as an adjunct wellness practice to the counseling she does with folks.



Redirecting your overthinking mind

From cerebral and numb to feeling embodied and fully alive! Cambium Conversations presents Melissa Tilleman Ryan, owner of Cambium Counseling and Kevin Cannella, owner of On Purpose Counseling in Boulder, CO. Kevin specializes in working with adult professionals to shift from overthinking and feeling stuck to a more fluid and embodied experience of living.


How to start a yoga and mindfulness practice

Cambium Conversations presents Jennifer Warchesik, owner of Golden Yoga Sanctuary and Melissa Tilleman Ryan, owner of Cambium Counseling discussing one of the biggest misconceptions and barriers to starting a yoga and mindfulness practice.


Group Therapy- one of the best & most effective antidotes to social anxiety!

Cambium Conversations interviews Eliot and Lauren Andre from Connected Roots to discuss the benefits of group therapy. In this talk Lauren and Eliot also discuss working together as a married couple and supporting their individual strengths within the context of their marriage and their business. Lauren and Eliot are both passionate about helping others and both of them believe in the transformative power of groups.