Services & Specialties in Golden

premarital Counseling

You and your partner are excited to make a commitment to each other. You both look forward to deepening your connection, enhancing your intimacy, and gaining additional relationship tools for your new roles as life partners. 


Addiction in families

The rollercoaster of a loved one trapped by addiction can turn a family’s world upside down. Your family seeks understanding, tools, and freedom from feeling trapped.                              

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching

Passionate intimacy is something you and your partner want to cultivate and nurture in your connection with one other. You are ready to begin the daring adventure of taking your relationship from good to GREAT! 


Career Counseling

At one time, the path you were on was working well enough for you. Lately, something has seemed off. You are not sure what to do next. You seek clarity and possibly a different path.

Relationship Repair.jpg

Relationship repair

Something feels off between you and your partner. Perhaps there has been a betrayal, a break in trust, or distance that has built up over time. Maybe you are experiencing increased tension, silence or conflict in your relationship.



Perhaps you live in a town where maintaining privacy is difficult or you have complications with your schedule. Teletherapy can be a more convenient and private therapy option for your life.